Top 5 tips for making the most out of your college.

Top 5 tips for making the most out of your college.

College life is full of new and exciting experiences. College experience will not only prepare you with the knowledge to take the next step of your career but also provide skills and valuable lessons of life. It teaches us the art of being patient and multitasking. We only live once so it is important to make the most out of your college experience. Based on my own experience I am listing the top 5 tips for having the best college experience

Attend your classes

Knowledge plays a significant role in our life. You are going to college for a reason- to acquire some wisdom, to explore and to study properly. So you need to attend those classes and lectures, even the boring ones to at least get to know the syllabus of the course. So unless there is a good enough reason to skip class for an emergency such as a medical reason, you have to make sure to attend all the classes. , even though you have skipped some lectures, it matters how well you perform in exams. That final grade will be shown in your degree which you will get after 3-4 years of college. And believe me, people are going to judge you for it. So make sure to attend those classes.

I think that you may skip one or two classes but make sure you perform well in the exam. It is a nice thread related to memories. However,I never skipped my school or college classes. Due to the minimum attendance rule applicable in my school, I was quite consistent with my classes and lectures. However, I have seen many students in my academic life who consistently used to skip their classes. I think that skipping too many classes is not a very good and appreciable idea. It may affect your examination performance in one way or the other.

Always try to visit the college library

The library plays a vital role in providing people with reliable information. It’s the best place where you get to study properly. The library provides lots of benefits like you can read a lot of different books and eBooks free of cost, you can also use the computer for free, and meet new people. If you get distracted at home, libraries provide you with a productive and inspiring space to study. You can simply shut off your phones which are the biggest distractions and make use of the available library equipment.

You can focus on your academic tasks by unplugging entirely from social media platforms. Whether a closed study room or spacious discussion rooms related to study, it is always convenient to access your college library for working on group projects and make use of reference and scholarly texts. The library is also a popular spot for all the students to conduct meetings and discuss the details of their projects.

Whether it is about accessing specialized publications of scientific papers or making use of online databases and records, a library is an important hub of college academics life. From checking out different books to conducting your research, from finding a quiet place to read to flipping a magazine.

Interact with your professors

Professor – student interaction is important for so many reasons since a professor can create a positive classroom environment with their student and help them in their development and academics. So you should try to develop a good relationship with your professor and also maintain a good reputation. Communication can always help you to understand courses better. Professors have amazing knowledge in their respective field.

When you have any questions about the courses, you don’t need to hesitate, just ask your professors. Professors are often willing to help you out. As soon as you understand all the materials properly, you can get higher grades.

You can communicate with the professors by talking to them face to face during the off- class timings or by WhatsApp or e-mails. Most of the professors have a specific time for students to visit them in the office which is a very easy and effective way to make a quick and good impression on your professors. After all, they are the ones who are going to give you marks ultimately, so it’s nice to have a good image of yourself in the eyes of the professors.

Get involved in various college activities

College provides lots of activities on your college campus like sports, theater clubs, Business Development groups. Colleges provide so many opportunities on a college campus so make sure to get involved and learn new things. While studies and degrees are important but Social awareness programme and activities play a vital role in student life. It builds up your personality.

So there are many benefits to being involved in different activities. For example- developing your communication skills, expanding your networking helps you become more collaborative, It can build your self-confidence.

These activities will prepare you for your future endeavors, whether you are going to do a job or if you are trying to open a startup. These extra-curricular activities will certainly help you during those times.

Look after yourself

Filling up on junk food to save time is not a good idea for your health. Instead, you need to keep a balanced diet, like eat a combination of different food, including fruit, vegetable, nuts, legumes and whole grain. It will keep your body and mind fit and your energy level will be high throughout the day. Also try to include a healthy hobby such as running, swimming or any other outdoor sports that you like. It will keep your body fit and improve your metabolism. You should also take proper rest for keeping the mind fresh and body relaxed. It will keep you away from stress,  anxiety and different kinds of illness.

We are humans, not a machine so taking a break once in a while is also recommended to keep your stress in check. So try to stay relaxed and make yourself comfortable even though you have a very hectic schedule planned for the week.

And if you see signs of depression, make sure to consult someone about your situation. Asking for help is always recommended during those tough times. So take care of yourself and make the most out of every second, every hour, every day of your college.

“Carpe Diem”

Horace in ‘Odes’.

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