My experience with Covid

My experience with Covid

Prevention is better than cure. Phrases are something that was never my cup of tea as it is hard to learn and remember it. But honestly, this recent experience of Covid-19 gave me the energy to memorize its meaning. And also it has given me those frightening memories that I cannot forget, even though I want to. This word ‘Covid-19’ will keep haunting all of us for the rest of our lives. This pandemic taught me a lesson that I don’t think I ever desired. 

During the first wave of covid, I felt I was the luckiest. Since I did not get infected even after journeying to Manali during the same period. But the future is unpredictable and destiny was yet to decide whether I was lucky or not. So brace yourself for this roller coaster ride of 14 days of isolation and cheer yourself up with the kind of life you had before covid and hope to have after covid. A puzzling experience of preventing my family from this deadly coronavirus.

14 days of isolation

During the second wave of Covid-19 when the cases were climbing and the country was about to touch its first highest peak ever, there initiated my story of being lucky or not. First my brother got sick for almost 3 days with a fever in which his whole body temperature was normal except his head. As a family, my mother and I tried all the home treatments and gave the necessary medicines. After his comeback on the fourth day, my mother and I started showing symptoms like fever and headache entire day. However, we did not think of covid as for the next 3 days we were completely fine.

But because of awareness, we were checking Spo2 (Oxygen) levels multiple times. And on the 4th day, my brother’s sense of smell had gone. So we decided to go for covid testing as soon as possible. We also started taking all the necessary precautions according to the present guidelines and the result came positive for everyone.The moment I got to know about this, all the emotions, memories, consequences, etc from past, present to future were crossing my mind.

Just standing there I took a deep breath and called my newspaperman. I asked him not to send any newspapers for a month since my priority was to keep my family away from any negative news. We restricted ourselves to watch anything on mobile or television related to whatever was happening outside the home. We created our little world of three people and started caring for and enjoying each other’s company by playing games, dividing work, having healthy food, etc. 

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At that time the major concern was my mother because she is above 60 years of age and we tried to make the environment as positive as we could. The reason behind calling my covid experience a roller coaster ride is because there were the days when I felt I was perfectly fine but the other day I do not feel the same at all. Last year I was watching marvel movies during the lockdown and this year I was dreaming about snapping like Thanos and removing covid forever. The only things that saved us were positivity, awareness and a pinch of destiny.

A matter of awareness and luck!

By emphasizing awareness, I want to draw your attention to the fact that if we were not aware we would have never been able to handle this drastic situation so calmly. Awareness related to the present conditions in our country, related to the necessary medicines and precautions like steam, oximeter, breathing exercises, post covid exercises and consulting to a doctor.

And the reason behind calling it luck is because there are many other people like us who are following the same kinds of things but still fail to handle this situation.

Positive: Hard to accept, easy to adapt!

Positive was the word from which we were trying to escape before our covid test results. We were praying for the results to be negative even though we knew it was going to be positive since we showed all the symptoms. So it was a bit hard to accept when it came like throbbing news.

And also positive was the word which came out as a mandatory precaution for our recovery in the form of a positive attitude.

Destiny’s game!

The one who is meant to live, can not die on their own. The one who is meant to die, can not be saved irrespective of the efforts one puts. This will be the meaning of destiny that has carved in my mind after this covid experience. There were a lot of coincidences that were happened during this period and some of them were:-

  • Bought an oximeter and blood pressure machine 20 days before getting infected.
  • For some past reason we have a nebulizer at home and we knew how to use it.
  • Having people who were always ready to help and also helped a lot.

Willpower: A weapon?

Life is a combination of thrilling and devastating experiences through which one can grow unexpectedly.

During this covid period, there were many ups and downs in a surge of recovering from it. Once we are recovered there is another fight that is waiting for us, known as ‘post covid effects’. Our prior generation had confronted various types of diseases and now we are facing this pandemic. This is clear that it is not the first pandemic and it is not going to be the last pandemic. One thing that will remain constant is your willpower. This reminds me of the phrase ‘ where there is a will, there is a way ‘ which means if you have that will you can make anything possible. Our only motive should be to live and keep growing

Learnings from my experience.

  • Life is so unpredictable and uncertain. We must enjoy both aspects of life whether it is good or bad.
  • In a family, each member has his/her different role. Each member should play their roles with full responsibility.
  • Adopt a healthy diet and try to stop making your body a junkyard.
  • Cleanliness should be a priority.
  • A positive attitude can make a big difference between what was and what will be.
  • Awareness can distinguish you from a bunch of stupid people.

Am I lucky?

Definitely yes, from the very starting I was asking this question to myself and here it goes like this, I am lucky but not in the way that I thought but the way it was meant to be. And honestly speaking I lost 3 kgs which was hard for me to lose before Covid-19.