Future Predictions For a Post Coronavirus World

Future Predictions For a Post Coronavirus World
Image by Yuri_B from Pixabay

“Adaptation to any condition lies in the persona of the individual. The certain elements through which the individual deals and tries to grapple with forms the ability to survive”. Coronavirus has spread its impact so vividly that its hard to give definite future predictions for a post coronavirus world. However, here is my take on the future.

Present Scenario

The advent of a deadly virus known as ‘Coronavirus’ has spread its impact so vividly that a person has developed a fear to step out and also avoid mass gatherings. Using hand sanitizers along with a protective cover of a mask, maintaining a proper distance–these all are now a kind of protocol rooted in many (not every) individual. And the difference between this ‘many’ and ‘not every’ individual is a nowhere job. A variety of people exist in our society. Expecting everyone to follow the same set of rules would not work.

Even our constitution is so flexible to the needs of the diversity of the nation, then how can it be desirable that everyone should restrict themselves in certain aspects of their schedule and maintain a ‘new normal’ notion in their life. But to fight this virus, all should come together and mould themselves according to the need of the moment and for the benefit of the world rather than just being a self-centred man in this global pandemic period.

Major Changes along with Challenges

Likewise, it is predictable for the Post-coronavirus world that certain changes in the way of living would be there. Again, not all but some will change, as the adaptation to the present environment may result in a drastically switched life. Certainly this virus will end in the near future with the help and support of the corona warriors and the self-awareness of the people. Despite all the negative and tragic aspects of this virus in the life of people, certain points matter most in the post-coronavirus world.

Optimistic view

People will be living in a new normal world where distancing matters more and gatherings will be ignored. A new and different way of livelihood will be visible all around. This is an optimistic view of the post-coronavirus world.

Development of more health facilities and modern equipped hospitals

Rather than just developing atomic and nuclear weapons, the government and scientists should work together, draft a plan and innovate things that are needed for the betterment of people; and just not involving in war-like situations every time. In spite, they should work on ground level, live a friendly life with other people and with other nations and maintain a healthier global environment.

More hospitals will be there at the local level with a good number of doctors, and every medical facility should be available. The modern machines will be there at every hospital.

E- People and Online Trade

As we hear about e-commerce, e-mail, e-shopping — the people will also be termed as e-people who would make themself available online, anywhere and at any point in time.

More or less online trade  was in use before also. But in the future mostly buying and selling items through the use of the internet would happen, home delivery at your doorstep. People will be more internet friendly.


Consultation with doctors will be more easily accessible through the use of online media. Those who are unable to visit the doctors will be much benefited, routine check up will be made easier. There is another instance where people may get benefited, which is patients with disability and lack of source of income. Yet another welfare is in those circumstances where there is an outbreak of the kind of such an existing pandemic, as we all know that there is no certainty of such outburst in this world of unaware and unconscious set of people, so to fight and deal with it in a more prepared and hygienic way is through ‘telemedicine’.

Mask and Hand Sanitizer: a must

These two will be the necessity of every individual. As masks will not only protect us from any kind of virus only, but also it will protect us from dust and smoke particles. The rapid increase in air pollution is a threat to people in the coming future, in which this mask will help avoid it effectively. Hand sanitizers can also be in use at instances such as public transport, meetings, and other crowded places.

And one noticeable thing among these is that masks and sanitizers are not new inventions in this pandemic, it all existed from well before time. Masks are a way back to the 6th century B.C. and can be traced by the time of Jain followers, the ‘Svetambaras’. The only difference is that they used it as a protective cover against the insects and other living microorganisms.

Also the sanitizers were way back developed in 1966 by a nursing student of California for the situation where doctors do not have extra time to get access to warm water and soaps before treating the patients. So instead they started using hand sanitizers as this is a mixture of alcohol and gel. The only matter of fact is that a vast need of these seemed to us now. But if everyone will continue using these and see these items as a necessary requirement for them, much will be benefited to the individual and so to the society.

Innovation in technology

Scientists will be working more focused on innovative technological equipment which will be handed and used effectively by everyone. Robotics will be used to do simple manual work at every level. Yes, this would take time but would happen definitely.

Gloomy view

Now let’s have a look at not so optimistic view about future predictions for the post Corona virus world.

Not much Rapid Development in Rural Areas

This technological accessibility would not reach rural areas directly after some years. But the government should work to provide modern facilities to the villages and the local people living, so they could also be exposed to a more modern and technological era where they can also be a part of e-commerce facilities at a more vivid range.

Lack of self-awareness among rigid and conventional people

It is to be noted that not every person will follow these protocols and will remain loyal to them. There will be a lot of people who will be against this new normal. People may avoid following the necessities. This is natural, but it should be avoided and people should try to bring a change in them by learning from their previous mistakes.

In these tough times, it is better to not have a pessimistic point of view. So let’s leave it at that.

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Approximately 22% of the people in India is still below poverty line. So these people don’t have access to online facilities. But the government should take the required steps and do the needful actions. So that there is a better and corresponding way of living life in a healthier and better environment.

“Come together, fight together, plan together and therefore, live together!”

Image by Yuri_B from Pixabay