Love over selfishness

Love over selfishness
Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay

The truthfulness of a creature determines its character. A creature filled with the quality of the sun to a heap of dust but lacks the nature to love is absurd to be called a person. In the same manner, a creature filled with selfishness no matter who possesses all the great works of effe is also absurd to be called a person. So, the basic unit of life, the ‘cell’, could be compared to truthfulness which is of utmost necessity.

Truthfulness has its origin from love and its extinction hidden in selfishness. So as to maintain ourselves a worthy person, we must possess the nature to love and restrict us to adopt the devil nature of selfishness.

Love is a boat floating on the water surface very impressively but a hole of selfishness wrecks it. Love in its simple meaning is expansion and selfishness is contraction, it could be well explained by the fact that expansion of a material allows more things to enter while contraction in a material stops things from getting into it. Just like that, love demands people and selfishness keeps people aside.

Selfishness links to grotesque behaviour and the people wearing it as an ornament are never benevolent. Love, on the other hand, is simply exaltation and the people carrying it are sublime.

Love is an expression allied with the cause to give and take. It represents human kindness, compassion and affection. It would be difficult to explain its meaning to a person who has not experienced it or being loved by none. Love has a pervasive nature. It cannot be folded to a pat and kept aside. It possesses the quality to expand. And when expanded, it does not see the boundary or the class of the people. Love just gets attracted to love and welcomes pure soul. It can be well said that “selfishness has no strength to reside where there is existence of love”.

Although we know people are surrounded by affectation but this affectation could be converted into affection when there will be eradication of selfishness. Some people acknowledge the status of selfishness as an honorary status. These people need to confute. Rather selfishness is an impediment for society. It only contracts the very humane nature of society. Diligence lies in love and love must lie in every creature. It is therefore the duty of society to criticize the selfish one, and accept the love.

Perhaps there exist people who refuse to believe in love. For them practising love is a crime. Love is adamant: No religion puts restriction upon love. In fact, love teaches us to live, laugh and lead a joyful life. Reverence for love should be within each individual. Love enriches prowess within us.

Opinions of people may vary. The difference in thought results in the variety of society. “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players…” beautiful lines from a poem by Shakespeare. This world is a stage and we are the characters who enact to survive in this world. The protagonist of the play is not one person rather different people at different stages of life. But the soul of that protagonist is the love within. Love does not teach us to dwell, it shows the correct place to migrate according to situations offered by life. Bad times come but they have to pass away and struggle with it, love energizes us and puts a seed of self-belief in us. The only need is to not let this self-belief convert into overconfidence and overconfidence again into selfishness.

The ultimate goal of life is to spread love and enroot the idea of expansion through love in every creature. So start loving others irrespective of the opinion of society and build yourself as such you being loved by all.

I know this eulogy over love and animosity for selfishness cannot suddenly change the world. Perhaps taking a small initiative can access love in society.

Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay