Life of a BHU Student

Life of a BHU Student

Well, the name itself is enough, ‘Banaras Hindu University, BHU’ the second you say the name out loud in public there will be some heads turning, people are going to take you seriously. Because BHU stands for excellence. It stands for leadership, cultural heritage, superiority over mediocre talent and much much more. After all, it’s the largest residential university in is older than most of our grandfathers. It is an organization of India’s institute of national importance.

It is the capital of knowledge and awareness in the region. This is where people precisely come to learn and grow. It is nothing like you have ever is more than what you could ever expect.

This is one of the best residential universities in India which produces some of the best students, teachers, scientists, politicians in the country. All those great personalities were once a student roaming around in the main campus of 1300 acres situated near the banks of the Ganges river, established by Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya in the pre-independence period in 1916.

Here’s a glimpse of the life of a student studying at BHU.

The Beauty

The moment you set foot in BHU, the beautiful greenery of the campus takes your breath collects all your stress, all your anxiety and puts that at the top of Lanka gate(the main gate of campus) so that you could take it with you while going back. The connection with nature on campus is just amazing. Sometimes I used to imagine that if somehow people would leave the campus for some years, then we would be able to see some extinct and endangered species coming out of the bushes and trees. I mean it is more than 100 years old, you can expect anything. As a consequence of this, the pollution level is lower than the outside, the noise level is lower than outside, the average temperature during hot summer days is lower than the surrounding areas just outside of BHU. It’s the perfect model of an eco-friendly environment.

So yeah, it’s green, it’s clean and there is a lot of oxygen around, so the stress level inside the BHU campus is always lower than usual no matter how tough your day is planned out to be.

Architecture is breathtaking, sometimes it feels like you are taken back to the 1950s or something like that. Some of the buildings or lecture theatres of BHU are old and ancient, while some of them are modern-day air-conditioned rooms. The first few weeks of the 1st semester we used to roam around the campus, around those vast playgrounds almost as big as Melbourne cricket ground or Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmedabad, and gaze at those high ceiling buildings and architecture which have survived through the decades for so long.

And then there is also the Vishwanath temple in the centre of BHU, which in itself is a statement of beauty. we used to go there often in between class lectures and have the famous cold coffee or Banana shakes at the gate of the V.T. temple. It was one of our regular stops. Extra-curricular activities in BHU are so vast and vivid that you would always be confused between what sports should I pick, what club I should join, what new language or diploma courses should I enrol in and so on.BHU is not just a university where you get a degree, it’s a place where you explore yourself, you get to experience different sides of yourself, it’s a place you will never forget for the rest of your life.

The Diversity

As a student of Banaras Hindu University, I can assure you that a student cannot ask for a more diverse platform than BHU to get an undergraduate degree or any degree.BHU is a home for numerous departments ranging from Sanskrit, Urdu and music to genetic biological sciences, physical education and chemistry. You get to interfere with students ranging from infinite amounts of departments, students from different cultures, different states and even different countries. I remember I went to see an interdepartmental football match between two departments of arts and there I saw two African defenders in one team!  I mean how much more diverse could it possibly get. And there is one thing where BHU doesn’t lack in, and that is ‘Departments’. There are students from so many departments that you will get information from all fields of academics that exist on this planet.

I remember when I used to go to the central library I used to interact with students from economics backgrounds, some of them from a management background and chatting with them used to open up different dimensions of my mind, it gave me a different perception of thinking through things and going about in the world. It was a surreal experience. That is what I miss the most in this covid lockdown,  That chat with an unknown student from an unknown department. 

On a side note, While we are on the subject of the library, let me tell you about the central library of BHU, It is the best out there. When you go inside the book stacks section of the library and see the plethora of books around you, it feels like you are in a Harry Potter movie and books are flying all around you from one stack to another, Searching for a book in that place is in itself a heavenly experience. It’s like heavenly packets of wisdom and knowledge boxed up in a single room. You could not ask for a better library.

The Academics

Now we come to the reason why BHU is ranked 3rd in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) among universities, It is because of its Academics and the continuous work of professors and researchers in the university. This University takes its academics very seriously, you have to be punctual with your classes, assignments, exams and everything, The policy of the institution is strict when it comes to your academics. You have to live up to a certain standard when it comes to your knowledge of your subjects and topics. you are expected to be future leaders of your country propelling your country forward on a path of development and prosperity. There is a minimum of 75 per cent of attendance required for you to be eligible to give your semester examination. So we needed to keep those bunk classes in check and consider attending those lectures. And attending those classes regularly will surely make you disciplined. It builds up your work ethic which will help you in your future endeavours.

The faculty of BHU is just great. They are the pride of the institution. a student cannot ask for a better faculty, they are at the top of their respective fields and they understand every bit of what they are teaching. All of them have a PhD. in their respective fields and they have travelled all around the world and country learning about their respective fields. So you could not ask for a better profile to be a professor. And professors of BHU are very friendly and helpful, they will try to help you in every way possible. And not just the academics, there is a very good facility for practical application and labs too, where you can learn those experimental procedures and applications about your subjects.

As a student what I loved most were those talks on Friday evening by professors about the research and progress they have been doing in their respective fields, even though I never understood a word about it, it was fascinating to be in the presence of those distinguished professors and hearing those arguments and counter-arguments about their topics. It made me realize the amount of knowledge and hard work it takes to be a professor and the amount of work and dedication it took for research and development by the scientists of our nation.

Going through those years of studying and residing in BHU, it kind of becomes like your second home, you will miss those chats and discussions with your friends on unusual topics, that long-distance tiring walks from one department to another, those little treats with your pals on gates of V.T. or ghats of Varanasi.

After passing out of BHU, it becomes a part of you, you somehow become BHU.In the end, I just want to say that, ‘Life’ as a student of BHU is a life worth living.