How to Balance Your Life in College:10 Do’s and Don’ts

How to Balance Your Life in College:10 Do's and Don'ts

Colleges are places full of vast experiences and great endeavors of the early 20s. Those three to four years of your life will pass in a split second, leaving behind lots of memories that will make you smile all your life {exception- Covid era students}The moment you set foot in college, you are opened up to an enormous amount of activities, from football clubs to table tennis to drama club to a dancing club, and you would be inclined to do anything and everything. But alas! You are not traveling at a speed comparable to the speed of light, so time doesn’t run slower for you. Eventually, you will have 24 hours a day to manage your life, just like every other Homosapien roaming around you. So here are the top 10 do’s and don’ts to Balance Your Life in College and get you through college peacefully with a smile on your face.

Do’s –

1. Plan your Career Path

Of course, before going into a particular college, you must have had some idea about how college will help you pursue life. Focus on those prospects throughout the entire time you are in college. This will help you prioritize your work, classes, and extracurricular activities. Because at the end of the day, that college degree will help you earn a living for yourself in this Urban jungle.

2. Prioritize

Hey, nobody expected what 2020 bought for us. We all thought it would be just another regular year, but you know how it all played out. So year’s change, priorities change. Sophomore year is not going to be the same as Freshman year. The same is true for every passing week, you may have missed some classes in the previous week, and now you may not understand a thing written on the chalkboard. So it is essential to try at least to prioritize every coming week and make a set of activities that you need to work on to make your life easier for the upcoming weeks.

3. Make a Schedule

This part never gets old. Be it if you are in college or high school or working for a multibillion-dollar franchise. Having a proper schedule with every hour accounted for will always help you get disciplined and be productive with your golden time during college.
Why do you think those billionaires have assistants? They are there to make their schedule and make them follow it. As simple as that. So make a weekly schedule and write down essential class timings, assignment deadlines, exam dates and follow it!
It will help you stay up to date with your academics, and you won’t even have to pull an all-nighter before that assignment deadline.

4. Advice from Your Superiors.

What better way to get advice than from the people who have gone through the same process you have been going through in your college. And those people are your seniors, professors, and alumnus of your college. They can give you some priceless advice for your college journey, which will make your life much easier. Every college now has some orientation program where students can meet and familiarise themselves with their professors and seniors. Make sure to attend those programs and get some wisdom from your Superiors. They will indeed offer you some great advice that will build up your framework for the upcoming years.

“The very nature of Existence is Coexistence.”

5. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

I don’t know what rhymes better with college -‘ Party’ or ‘Late night cinema’ Meanwhile, it is okay to have some fun with your early 20s but be sure not to overdo it. If those endeavors are coming in the way of your academics or work-life, be sure to act upon them and elevate your standard of health. Try to add a healthy hobby such as football, badminton, or cricket to your lifestyle and maintain a good diet with it. It will help you a lot in your 30s and 40s, and you will stay away from unnecessary illness.

“A Healthy Mind resides in an equally Healthy Body.”

6. Stay Up to date

Let us imagine that you have been preparing hard for an exam. And on the day before the exam, someone tells you that that exam has been postponed to a different date and there is an additional exam on that day! Just imagine the horrors! We don’t want that. So, try to stay updated somehow about the recent activities and critical phenomena happening around you. And the only way to stay updated is through communication. It is one of the essential factors nowadays. And with all the social media explosion this
It can be pretty simple for smartphone users. Just ask any Covid era student, throughout their whole semester, instead of class,
There were WhatsApp groups; in place of written notes, there were pdfs. They were all studying at some ‘Whatsapp University.’This is an age of information. Those with a lack of information will always stay behind. So try to be up to date with your essential college activities.

7. Maintain a Diverse Friend Circle

Well, this is an easy one for the extroverts, but for introverts, not so much. So, it’s time for the introverts to come out of their shell and make some small talks from their side. Maintaining a diverse friend circle has numerous benefits. First of all, It helps you stay updated about important activities and second of all; you will have knowledge about so many diverse activities. Furthermore, college pals are some of the best camaraderie to come about in your life. You don’t just get friends, and you get lifelong connections for your entire life. So hanging out with your pals in college is a big Yes! It makes your college experience an incredible journey.

8. Asking for Help

With all the above advice, sometimes colleges may seem like a pretty unpleasant place. You might be having a back paper lined up, and you may be feeling mentally tired and emotionally low. You don’t feel the energy to do some tasks that you loved to do before.
Those might be the signs of clinical depression. Staying in that place will only harm you more than it benefits you. It is essential to get out of that mental space. And you can do that by asking for Help. Be it from your friends, professors, or some kind of counselor. They will help you stay motivated and get back on track with your work and college. Everyone has been there, and they are all familiar with the situation that you are in. So get out of your room and talk to your parents, friends, roommate, and professors. You need to have a support system to rely on for this kind of situation. So get out of your room and talk to your parents, friends, roommate, and professors. You need to have a support system to rely on for this kind of situation.

9. Separation of Work and College

Studies have shown that the human mind has never been a multitasker. Yeah, we don’t have intel i7 processors in our heads, so we cannot do multiple tasks simultaneously. It’s not possible to think about more than one task at the same
Time in our mind. So you should allocate different time slots for work and studies and make sure that both areas do not interfere with each other. It will help you focus on one task and increase your productivity for both work and studies. And you would be able to complete multiple tasks in a day without even multitasking. Tada!

10. Relax and Take a Break

Newsflash! Sunday comes every week! So, weekends are there for relaxing and taking a break from the hectic schedule
An intense drama of the past five days. Make sure to get yourself a little ‘me’ time where you can sit and listen to your favorite music, talk to your parents, have dinner with your buddies, or watch a late-night movie with your pals. Everybody deserves a break, and it will also prepare you for the hectic week ahead. So, sit back and relax and catch up some sleep on the weekends.


1. Procrastinate

We all know when we should start working on a specific task or assignment assigned to us. But most of us don’t do it. We are just not disciplined enough. There is always something more pleasurable to do than that task, like surfing the internet, talking with your friends, going out for a pizza and so on. What we are good at doing in this social media era is procrastination. We think to ourselves that there is plenty of time to accomplish that task. And we don’t take it seriously. If we would accept the job for what it requires and think about it. Then our mind will automatically tell us the amount of time we need to invest in that task or assignment. And we would automatically start working on it right away. We should at least create a mental, if not written, schedule to invest the no. of hours the task demands. So, to sum it up, First, you need to fight with your sensual desire. Then the real struggle begins. Recognize the task. Investigate the task. Accept the task. And start working on it!

2. Be a ‘Yes Man

Think about the no. of choices that are hurled at you in a day. Like, let’s have pizza at the mall. Let’s go and watch that latest Marvel movie at the theatre. And all those endeavors like that. If you start saying yes to all of that, then every day would end up being a party. The productivity of the day will be zero. This is where Prioritization shows its charms. Prioritization is a correct set of yes’s, and no’s that you need to make throughout your day. It will carve out the perfect route to maximum productivity. It would help if you prioritized yourselves right, at least on the working days of the weeks. One day at a time. This will make your days productive, and henceforth weeks will also be effective, and so on.

3. Turn into a Mess

This is true both mentally and physically. Suppose someone asks you what you are doing at a specific time and have no idea what you have to do and say to that person. And this happens pretty often. It means that your life has turned into some kind of a mess. This means that you have put your life in neutral gear for too long. And you are just going with the flow or flowing where the wind takes you or floating on the waves of life for quite some time now. This is okay if you are a Spiritual seeker or an artist looking for inspiration in nature. But hello! You are not. So get yourself Organized. Set some real-life goals and start committing to them. Take command of your life and make something out of it.

4. Be Friends with Toxic People

Every class, every batch, every group of people has these kinds of people. Surprisingly, the law of averages works here too.
Most people don’t recognize these groups until it’s too late. One way to identify them is that they are usually cool dudes with shady hairstyles, roaming around abusing people, smoking, drinking, and knowing how it is. Hanging out with these folks will always be destructive for your career, time, and livelihood Saying Yes to these folks is a big no-no.

5. Set Unreasonable Goals

With social media platforms all around, the whole world has become some big brain, where anyone from some part of the world gets access to information about the happenings of some other country. For example, if you are a guy going to college in Varanasi or Dehradun and saw a video on YouTube about deep-sea diving. And suddenly, you want to become an expert in deep-sea diving.
That is just not possible. Where are you going to find the sea in Dehradun! So it is important to set attainable goals which are in tune with the ecosystem around you. I am not saying you should completely shut down on those goals; you should put them on hold for some time. Maybe life would give you a chance later on to experience those endeavors. What can we say? The universe works in mysterious ways.

6. Stay Closed off in your Room

Colleges are places full of vast experiences. You are not there just to earn a piece of paper known as a degree. You are there to prepare yourself for the better part of your life. Your life is just getting started. So it would help if you got out of your room more often so that you can experience different types of things which will help you later in life. It will help you find inspiration for your goals and life. And it is also not good for your overall mental and physical health. Experiencing different things opens up various dimensions of your mind, which will boost your mind in many ways. Many great scientists and artists used to have so many kinds of hobbies other than their field of study. Sir Isaac Newton was a boxer in London, Richard Feynman was a sketch artist
And he used to play the bongos! So it is advisable to get out of your room once in a while, even if you don’t want to.

7. Using Social Media too Often

This is one of the main reasons it has become so easy to procrastinate nowadays. Because there is always something new on Instagram, always something trending on Twitter, always someone lives on Facebook. There is always so much going on. It is okay to be expressive on social media. But it is not okay to have that stress to get a photo while you are having fun. Nowadays, it is more important for people to get clicked while having fun rather than having fun. These are social media side effects. So, if someone tells you that you are using too much social media, you might want to check your social media usage. Ironically, Your phone might be able to tell you about your social media usage.

8. Not Connecting with your Folks

You folks, this is an important one—family above all. People saying no to their family have some good reason to do that or are just going down the wrong path. Because family is where you come from. They are the root of your very
Existence. They are the only people who have gone through the ups and downs of your life with you. They are the ones who get sad when you are sad and pleased when you are happy. So, in the words of Michael Corleone from Godfather 2-“Never take sides with someone else against your Family” So, keep checking back on your family from time to time no matter what situation you are in. Make some time for them. Put them on top of the priority list. Never turn your back against your family.

9. Have too much on your Plate

Too much information is a common problem that youth are facing nowadays; there are so many possibilities and posts available, so youths get attracted to whatever they think is ‘cool’ even if they cannot do it. They start doing a course on Machine learning or data science even if they don’t know anything about programming, and they end up having too many tasks to complete and too little time in their hand. Even if they meet those courses, they won’t learn anything about it or know anything about the system. They will end up being Jack of all Trades and Master of None. In a country where lakhs of people graduate every year. There is a lot of mediocre talent applying for jobs. This country needs specialists in their respective professions. So you need to specialize in a particular field so that you can filter out layers of competition behind you and land a satisfying job. And for that, you need to be focused during college. You need to do just the suitable internships and the courses you think are related to your field and learn something more about your area and help you land your dream job. So, you need to stop comparing yourself with others and focus on sharpening your skills for the job.

10. Taking Unnecessary Stress.

Unnecessary Stress, This is specified for certain groups of people; some people are always worried about something throughout college. At the same time, small amounts of stress are good for boosting your performance. Taking too much pressure for a long time may have some adverse effects on your health. For example, You don’t need to worry about the courses you will study in your last year right from the first year. While some tasks may look immovable initially, as soon as you start working on them and breaking them down into smaller tasks day by day, you would accomplish the job at a very swift pace. The story of the tortoise and rabbit is valid here. Slow and steady wins the race. So you need to focus on the task at hand and relax. Just imagine, if you could figure out all the courses and events of your coming years, there is just nothing to work for. There is nothing to dream about. And people with no dreams are practically dead inside. So it is essential to have something to look forward to, someone to look up to, some things to accomplish, and some dreams to fulfill.

In the end, I want to say that
Life happens when we are busy planning about it, so accept every day, every situation of your life for what it is, recognize it, investigate it, and accept it.

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