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Free google digital marketing course
Google digital marketing certificate

The worldwide pandemic has better explained to us the benefits of digital marketing. Even when the whole world was locked out at homes, digital marketing helped the businesses to survive and even earn more profits than ever. With digitalization speeding up, businesses want skilled people who can reach their audience and increase their market share by promoting their offerings in the right way.

The Google digital Unlocked Certification course is designed for a practical understanding of modern marketing techniques and the necessary skills for using the digital platform to boost businesses.  

This course will equip you with strategies and skills to create an online presence, launch and execute targeted and cost-effective marketing campaigns, reach out to a wider audience group, increase sales through digital means, and connect with potential customers.

In short, it aims to help the students, startups, SMEs, etc. by providing them the skills to take their business online and grow

Google digital marketing certification: a quick peek

  • MODULES: 26
  • DURATION: 40 hours
  • IDEAL FOR: Beginners
  • PROVIDED BY: Google

Benefits of Google digital marketing course

1. IMPROVE YOUR CV: This is a certification course and thus, it helps to improve your CV. you can complete the course, get the certificate and showcase it on your linkedin profile or your resume. Getting certified in the field of digital marketing shows that you possess superior knowledge and skills.

2. GETTING JOB: Nowadays, when you could find everything on the internet, all that the companies need are qualified human resources to manage their digital image. The course provides you a clear understanding of the basics of digital marketing, enhancing your chances of getting placed as a media manager. (sounds great, right?)

3. GROW YOUR CAREER: Getting a digital marketing course, that too for free, can provide you an improved CV, a reputed job, or maybe, an opportunity to start your own business and grow through digital marketing.

About the course Google digital marketing course

  •  The course has a total of 26 modules. In each module, there are 5-6 video tutorials with real-life examples which are designed to improve the scope of our thinking.
  •  The tutors explain the topic in a really simple language and in no time you will start putting yourself in the place of those characters explained in the examples. 
  • At the end of each lesson of the module, you will have to answer a lesson-and quiz to brush up on your knowledge.
  • At the end of each module, an assessment test is done to quickly provide a walkthrough of the whole module.

What are you going to learn in Google marketing course?

  1. How to take a business online?
  2. Make people find you on the web.
  3. Reach more people through social media and mobiles.
  4. Reach more customers through advertising.
  5. Track and measure your web traffic
  6. Sell products and services online.
  7. How could you take a business global?

Is The course worth completing?

It’s a big yes! Besides certification, it provides you an insight into the digital world. You could learn so many new tactics to boost your online presence. It not only imparts theoretical and practical knowledge about digital marketing but also gifts an attitude of putting yourself in the shoes of your customers, and then deciding what your customers and readers expect from you. 

So what are you waiting for, start your digital marketing course now!