Effects of COVID-19 on students

Effects of COVID-19 on students

Part of the life which nobody gets enough of, when one strengthens their intellect, skills, emotion, and planning, one becomes self-dependent and get a glimpse of the wonders and horrors of the real world yet touches us with the comfort of friends and life of hostel, yes it’s college life. It is the first phase in life when one gets to taste a part of real freedom. But the COVID-19 has created such circumstances in which it is hard to enjoy this life to the fullest. The lockdown began a year ago, in march end, and has kept extending since after. Situations seemed to get under control till the end of last year, many educational and professional institutes started to unlock themselves, most colleges even started offline classes for final year students, but the faith broke once again and since the beginning of April 2021 most of the colleges have started the online classes once again and the situation is getting worst day by day. But can we ignore lockdown and start college offline? How would that affect us?

First of all, we need to consider how would the administration manage the hostel. Keeping care of the social distancing norms, it is not possible to allow a room for more than one student, which means there will be a shortage of rooms for all the students, also, allowing students to dwell in hostels outside the campus might increase the possibilities of exposure of the virus, so, it is not possible to open the university for all the students. And after that even if we consider allowing only final year students, then they would dine in the same mess and the more notable part is that they will use the same lavatories, and if anyone gets exposed to
the virus, it will get spread throughout the hostel easily. So, the lockdown is for the good of our own, but its effects are traumatizing, disappointing, damaging, and full of skepticism, delusion, and depression.

Lockdown has affected the studies of the students in such a way that most of the students are finding it difficult to focus on it properly. Many of them face network issues and many have difficulties in raising questions in online classes, even though professors give their best, the online mode doesn’t even stand near the offline ways of teaching. The biggest damage is to the students of science and engineering who can’t be ready for the real world without any practical experiences. Lack of group studies and face-to-face interaction with teachers are leaving the students more confused and uncertain. Starting their day with planning the schedule and ending up spiraling with heavy burdens of doubt, spending hours doing nothing but thinking about their disappointing college life (with no professional guidance and less social interaction) and the future based on it, they are getting frustrated and depressed, and many of them even have shown suicidal impressions. Survey studies have shown that around 70% of the students felt an increase in stress and anxiety and only 10% found them decreasing, whereas 20% were not affected.

Many universities and colleges like BHU have reduced the college fees due to inabilities in providing all the resources (hostels and labs included), whereas there are many like IIT Kanpur and NIT Patna, who haven’t reduced the fee structure other than hostel charges, Mubashshir Uddin, a second-year student in IIT Kanpur, enrolled for B.S. in physics expressed “we used to work in labs, we used to take classes in the lecture theatre with air conditioning and enjoy every other campus resources from the water cooler to dustbins, but now when we locked in our homes, why is the association still charging for them. Though they waived fees for the hostel, they should not continue charging for all other in-campus facilities they aren’t providing. I worked hard to get admission
there yet am far away from its facilities, resources, and opportunities, I feel so cheated”. Anushka Singh, a second-year student of NIT Patna, pursuing her B.Tech. in electronics and communication says “there is no reason of charging for IT infrastructure and library fee, yet administration continues to do so”, she informed that NIT Patna has also waived the hostel fees though. Such students are also facing financial stress, they might have money but when they are being charged unreasonably they feel used and exploited.Other than these lockdown has even affected the youth’s health, they’ve been losing fitness and hence the activeness in them and without any social interactions, they are finding it difficult to gather enough motivation to work on it. Many students have even reported the effect of online classes on their eyesight and few are also facing the problems like migraines due to the same.

Even though we have seen the negative effects in detail, we do have some positive consequences, such as spending more time with the family lets us know more about them and their problems which brings us closer to one another, students got to know how to work alone as there might such situations in their life when they have to fight with their problems alone, Also, we have got to experience the worst which will help us survive such hits in the future. And some people used the same time to develop new hobbies like reading, writing, singing, et cetera and found their personality improved. Maybe it is time to work more on bringing positive changes in our lives and finding supplements to our problems, as it seems hard enough to revive from this pandemic very soon. But until then we have to follow the social distancing and other COVID norms to stay safe and sound.

Image Source: Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels