What is Paid Seat in BHU? and paid seat cutoff [2022]-Explained


There are many subject combinations in each course in Banaras Hindu University (BHU) .eg -in the BSc course PCM, PMK, SMK, PMS, etc are different subject combinations. If a student obtains good marks and rank but is unable to get his favorable subject combination with very little difference in an index. Then, in my opinion, they can fill the paid seat form. The paid seat option in BHU can be exercised through the below-mentioned procedure.

What is Paid Seat?

If a student is willing to take admission in a particular course in Banaras Hindu University but unable to secure admission based on their rank then they can opt-out to pay the extra fee which is known as the paid seat system. Paid seat name itself states that you have to pay an extra amount of fee along with the regular fee. This extra fee varies according to the different courses we are pursuing. There is also a limited cut-off for paid seats.No, anyone can take admission on this seat also we have to clear that cut-off. 

Total seats through Paid allotment

There are 15% reservations for a paid seat in BHU. Let there are 500 regular seats for BSc then it’s 15 % that is 75 seats are supplementary (paid seats). That is overall 575 total seats for that course

Procedure for getting admission on the paid seat

Suppose the cut-off for admission in BSc is 250 and the student obtains a range of 240-249, then they can secure their admission to the campus through the paid seat. They can fill up the paid seat form during the counseling procedure and submit that to the concerned personnel, after submitting the form wait for the result day. Timely check your portal, it will tell you everything. The portal will get updated by your seat nature (regular or paid), campus(main or affiliated), and the required fee. The paid seat is available for both the main campus and affiliated colleges. 

Fee Structure

Paid seat students have to pay an extra fee apart from their regular fee every year. If supposed for a course, the academic fee is ₹3,000 per year for a regular student and ₹20,000 is paid seat fee for that course per year. Then regular students will pay ₹3,000 in a year ( ₹9,000 in 3 years) whereas paid seat students will pay ₹23,000 in a year (₹69,000 in 3 years). Hostel fees and mess fees are the same for every student. 

Reservation criteria of the paid seat in BHU

There is no type of reservation for OBC, SC, ST students on paid seats. Admission solely depends upon the index, rank, available seats, and cut-off of paid seats.

Hostel Facility for paid seat Students

Hostels cut-off is apart from the course cut-off. There are limited seats in the BHU hostel. Generally paid seat students deprived with hostel facilities. But if the hostel cut off the rank is 300 and a student secured 250 hostel rank and he admitted through the paid seat for his desired subject combination, then that student will get hostel facilities too. 

Is there any difference between regular and paid seat students?

There is no difference in campus facilities, hostel facilities, academic facilities (same faculties will teach in the same academic building to both regular as well as paid seat students) only there is a difference related to academic fee criteria. 

For the paid seat, we have to apply separately at the time of counselling and we have to attend the counselling and fill our choice of combinations. If we get admitted to the paid seat, there is a certain additional fee, we have to deposit to study in BHU with the course of our preference and college of our choice. The additional fee amount is every year revised. Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and take admission to India’s best college, for the best future. For more detail, check the college’s website through the link below: www.bhuonline.in