BHU New students did not get hostel: Half of the rooms have not been vacated by previous students

bhu hostel

An announcement was made to allot hostels to new students in BHU from today, but so far no student has got a room. There is a lot of confusion in the university among the students who have come today for allotment, about where they will live now. Many students kept making rounds from the faculty to the central office, but they got nothing except an assurance that the process of hostel allotment would start soon. The meeting of the Vice-Chancellor is going to be held in the university today with the District Magistrate and the Varanasi Police. In the meeting, decisions will be made regarding old students residing at the hostels to vacate the rooms.

It is reported that about 1000 students are still present in the hostels. During this, many teachers who held the posts of administrative officers are also apprehensive and scared to vacate the hostels. Meanwhile, the list of old students residing in the hostels Birla A, B and C and LBS of the Faculty of Arts and whose examinations have been over this year has been submitted to the university administration, while on the other hand, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences has not received any list from the hostel administration.

Until the list of students of both the faculties is given to the proctorial board, the University administration cannot take a decision. According to the information received from the Faculty of Social Sciences, this year the UG-PG students who have entered the final year are also staying in the hostels. No notice has been issued to them to leave the hostel, so care is also being taken to ensure that no legitimate student is acted upon in confusion.

Yesterday, there was a buzz in many departments of BHU, on the other hand, there was silence in the hostels. Some students are staying in hostels, while some students have gone to their homes or at friend’s place with the locks on the room.

Police Vajra vehicles, ambulances and security guards of the Proctorial Board have been deployed outside the hostels. There is information that by tonight the process of vacating the hostels should start.

On visiting the hostels, it was found that more than half of the students’ rooms were locked. A student said that since Corona, these students have not been able to come from home yet. In such a situation, the university administration should inform each student individually before taking back the room. A research student said that till date, the hostels of the social science faculty have not been vacated through the police or PAC. There are no students with any criminal background in these faculties.