5 Surprising Benefits of Journaling.

benefits of writing in a journal
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Marco Polo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, Winston Churchill. These are the names of some great men and women who have maintained a journal or a diary throughout their lives. The names themselves should be enough to get you to pick up a pen and paper. Through their journals, we got to know about the genius of Da Vinci; we got to know about the deafness of Beethoven, which he kept a secret throughout his life and a look into the incredible life of these pioneers of the world.

Humans have been maintaining a journal since the 2nd Century AD. One of the best books on stoic philosophy ‘Meditations,’ was written by the Emperor of Rome, Marcus Aurelius. The book was his journal that he maintained from 161-180 CE. Journaling refers to the action of keeping a journal or a diary. It is a way of pouring one’s thoughts, ideas, emotions, anxiety, and anger onto a journal.

And that journal becomes like a landmark of time in the short lifespan of a person. Journaling has numerous and surprising benefits.

Journals are Timeless.

Imagine going back in time and looking back at the lives of people from previous generations. That is exactly what reading a journal will provide you. It will give you a look into your own younger self. It will be an antique piece of history for your future generations or someone reading your journal 100 years from now.

In Mathematics and Science, most of the discoveries and results were taken from the journals of mathematicians or scientists posthumously. If not for those journals, we would have half the knowledge that we have today. Most of the historical data have been taken from the diaries and journals of peoples of that era. So it is always advisable to create a timeless piece of existence about yourself so that your future generation gets to know about your life and learn something about your generation. 

It’s the pursuit of human life to create stories and share them with younger generations. This is how humans have become the most evolved species on the planet. And those who can tell their stories properly are human. Henceforth, each one of you must participate in this pursuit and contribute their share towards society.

Journaling clears your mind.

Imagine the number of tasks you complete in a day. Now, think about the number of thoughts that you have in a day.

It is a lot more than the former. Your brain continuously recycles different kinds of ideas throughout the day. Most of these thoughts are entirely useless. If you let your brain run free like that, it will make you mentally exhausted. That is why we need physical tasks to get out of the prison of our minds. Another way to clear up your RAM(mind) is to write down those random thoughts in a diary or journal. It will clear up your thought process and free your mind from those random thoughts. You could see instantly how useless those thoughts were. And you will be free from the unnecessary spiralling of your mind.

Journaling helps you focus on the task at hand by not letting your mind distract you elsewhere. Whenever you feel like you have too much on your plate, you should write down those tasks on paper(to-do lists). Writing those tasks helps your brain to recognize the importance of the tasks better. You will be automatically inclined towards the completion of the tasks one by one. It also keeps you away from unnecessary stress.

Journaling gives you ‘me’ time.

Let me clear something here, Facebook and Instagram posts do not come under Journaling. They are just a way of accumulating information about different peoples around the world. Blogging is much closer to Journaling, but not exactly. Journaling is something much more private. It is your personal space where you get out of the influence of the outer material world. It’s a space where you don’t have to compare yourself with anyone on the planet. It is just you and your thoughts, ideas and emotions alone with yourself. And trust me, it is a heavenly space. 

A Journal is a space where you explore yourself. You get to know how your brain works in different situations. You get to know whether you are an analytical person or an intuitive person. You get to know about your mistakes and faults as an individual and how you could learn from them. It is a place where you see yourself grow. It’s a reflection of who you are. It is a kind of meditation. And this kind of meditation is much needed in today’s world. Just think about it. Let’s go back 20-30 years. Do you think people at that time would have so many aspects to choose from, so many careers, so many different cuisines of food? Of course not. They had very little to choose from. But nowadays, we have practically infinite pathways to choose our careers, food, or anything in particular. So during these times of heavy confusion, it is advisable to explore yourself first. So that you chose wisely. And Journaling is practically one of the best ways to do that.

So get a journal and choose wisely. 

Journaling helps you focus on your Goals.

Now that you are done exploring yourself, and you have chosen a career path for yourself. It will be time to move forward towards your goals with all the determination and zeal you possess. To do so, you need to make every day productive. And Journaling helps you do so. Nobody in this world is an ideal human. There will be some bad days and some good days as well. And writing about those bad days will motivate you to make your upcoming days productive. And on the contrary, writing about the good days will make you happier about yourself. It will keep track of your progress and help you move forward.

” Writing down your goals and what you want with your life helps your subconscious mind carve your way towards success,” Dr Joseph Murray writes in his book  The Power of your Subconscious Mind.

Journaling helps you fight stress and anxiety.

Journaling can improve your mood and manage symptoms of depression. Mental health Studies support this and suggest Journaling is good for your mental health. It may also make therapy work better. Even if you write absolute garbage in your journal, you know nobody will judge you for it. So journals can be a place to vent out your feelings, insecurities and anxieties. And It is better to vent out your emotions on a piece of paper than on a human being. 

Just writing good thoughts in your journal can help your mind fight depression and anxiety. And during these challenging lockdown periods, people have seen struggling with mental health problems more than ever. So it is essential to keep your mind in a good mood to not feel depressed from time to time. Studies have shown that Journaling also helps you get a good night’s sleep. 

Writing a journal entry before going to bed makes people sleep faster.

Journaling improves your writing and communication skills.

As a student, I can instantly tell that writing and communication skills can help you a lot in your academics, even if you write 3-4 lines in your journal daily. You would gradually learn to write about your emotions. You would be putting your feelings and emotion into words. In this way, Journaling improves your vocabulary. You would know how to better communicate with people. You will be able to express yourself to other people better. 

Reading and writing are proven ways to sharpen your memory. Having a habit of writing will always help you as a student. Since you won’t have much trouble finding the right words, and the best way to remember something- write about it. It will stay in your memory forever, especially if you are writing about your emotions and feelings. And if you read your journal a few years later, you will instantly connect to what you were feeling then. It is nice to have something to look back on in your life. It will help you learn from your mistakes and experiences. Journaling is an excellent way to ‘seize the day.

 Happy Journaling.

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