A Talk on Covidiots

A Talk on Covidiots
Photo by Daniele Marzocchi via Flickr

Ladies and gentlemen! Let’s give a huge round of applause for contestants, showcasing their talents in the Ultimate Stupidity Championship (USC). This newly found and rare type of species are found all around on earth. They are a part of an international alliance of morons around the world, Popularly known as ‘Covidiots’. Yes, you heard that right, ‘idiots’ emerged during the Covid period. First of all, let us define this kind of species: Homo sapiens who refuse to believe that there is a virus outbreak in the entire world. The segment of it thinks that it is some kind of a scheme of the government to kill everyone. This segment, covidiots, refuse to believe anything that scientists and researchers of WHO has to say about the Novel Coronavirus outbreak that has been causing devastation for more than a year.

Now that we have the general qualification of the contestants Let’s get back to our championship (USC). The segment competing for the first prize in the heavyweight division is:

 ‘No Mask’eteers

Okay, these type of covidiots are a little bit overqualified for the championship. I mean they are the veterans and defending champions and are still a top contender for the first prize. These covidiots just refuse to wear a mask to cover their beautiful face and they are persistent about it. To put the cherry on top, they roam around preaching to people that government is just trying to scare us. They also think that the government has crafted this theory of coronavirus as an excuse to kill everyone. They have refused to take vaccinations and are making sure to convince other people not to take the vaccines. As a result, a large fraction of vaccines doses are wasted every day despite all the work government is putting into the production and distribution of vaccines.

So far, this category of covidiots are looking good in the championship. Let’s just hope that they don’t grow a conscience soon enough to lose a few points in the championship. You may also notice these people around you very often since they are expanding their fanbase. And rapidly and very soon they might try to convince you too.

Please have your Masks up, unless you too are planning to contribute to their win.

Let’s have a look at the promising contenders for the second prize in the middleweight division:

‘Half Mask’eteers

This segment of Covidiots randomly switch their brain on and off based on the situation they are in. For instance, if they have to make a very strong point during an argument, they just simply pull down their mask and speak freely. If they see a street food corner, they can’t stop themselves from having a little treat in a busy market. There is also certain class of people who are bound to wear half mask as they have to spit tobacco time to time. For people unfamiliar with ‘tobacco’, it is a bitter and distasteful substance people put inside their mouth. In addition, it often causes serious medical conditions and even death. We can’t blame them since they think they are doing the right thing.

These covidiots are opportunists. They don’t completely deny the existence of Novel Coronavirus and keep grasping how severe a virus can possibly be. They use the situation according to their ease and comfort. Let’s just hope that those ‘advantages’ keep paying out in their favors and they can continue eating at street corners whenever they get that delicious aroma. Yeah we all want the situation to get back the way it was but these people just want it sooner.

Well, we completely understand it.

Now let’s have a look at the promising contestants for the third prize in the lightweight division.


Now, these folks have recently emerged to prove their metal for the championship. Back in 2020, this segment of covidiots nowhere in the competition .However, from New year’s eve 2021 and precisely the time when the news of the vaccination drive came around, these people have emerged like Phoenix from the ashes. They have grown, so promptly in numbers that the whole country is currently facing a deadly and devastating second wave of Novel coronavirus. Every festival since New Year’s Eve 2021 including new year was celebrated as if there was no such virus outbreak. Also, since the numbers were less, these people completely denied the existence of coronavirus even after they knew everything about it.

These spreaders of the virus grew rapidly in numbers during the Holi celebration. Despite all the government protocols regarding social distancing and masks, these people made the administration feel stupid and dumb on those occasions. While there were still plenty of sane people around preventing from making this year’s Holi a super spreader event for the virus, the youngsters just thought felt “why fear, when the vaccine is here”.

And then came the elections causing every party to conduct rallies like the insects swarming after rain. Hence, the majority of party leaders and the election commission of many states also are potential contenders for the championship (USC).

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Now, let’s leave the satirical tone aside and get serious.

I, as an Indian, can understand that it’s hard to stay in order and follow the basic rules that we have to or sometimes we need to follow. The social structure and diversity in India are too complex to organize and maintain order. To ‘maintain order’ here has a face value of ‘maintaining chaos’ and we Indians love to create chaos. If a situation like this presents itself, where we need to sacrifice our ages-old habit of breaking rules and wilfulness, we really need to use our brains and listen to those scientists and researchers all over the world and follow those simple and clear instructions as effectively as possible. Infection and death figures are just statistics unless it’s the person we love is on that list.

This time we have to and we need to learn from the other countries on how to handle a situation like this.

Please follow the simple guidelines of the government and administration.

Wear a mask when you go out and maintain a distance of six feet when you are out in public.

‘Stay Home Stay Safe.’

‘Don’t be a Covidiot.’

Image Source: Photo by Daniele Marzocchi via Flickr