12 Ways to make your day more productive

12 Ways to make your day more productive

In today’s scenario, when there is cut-throat competition among people for everything, the only way to be at the forefront is to make your day more productive than others. Everyone has the same amount of time on each day, i.e., 24 hours, but what makes the difference is efficient time management to make your day fruitful for you.

To be productive, we need to have clarity in our mind, positivity in our surroundings, and a zeal to be better each day. The way to success is not easy, but it’s never too hard to start. To be more productive each day, I have jotted down some important tips which I am used to follow and trust me; It really makes a lot of difference. These tips are:

Make a to-do list for the next day before bed

You can keep an eye on your productivity cycle by preparing your to-do for the following day. Remember to write down 3 to 5 tasks you need to finalize the next day.


Sometimes we can’t have a productive day just because we don’t have an idea where to start. Well, in that case, the most simple solution is to prioritize these tasks based on importance and urgency. Try to finish the bigger tasks first and then move on to smaller tasks. Completion of a bigger task helps to motivate you for the whole day.

Budget Time

Decide how much time you need or want to spend on each task. Be realistic and practical in what you can achieve if you are deeply focused on the tasks involved. Then add an extra 30-60 minutes. You may not need it, but it won’t let you feel rushed and pressured. Set a time when you begin working on the goal as well as a time before which you must finish it.

Clean your workspace

Even though it’s a pain to clean, it makes a big difference to your ability to concentrate on the work. People who work in a clean workspace often out-perform those who work in a cluttered one because the mess pulls your attention away from your work. A clean environment helps to develop a productive mindset. In addition to this, regular cleaning Saves your time. If you clean a bit each day, you don’t have to spend hours on a single day.

Remove distractions

Before you begin your first task, clear your desk, shut down all the unclosed tabs on your computer, make your phone silent, and close your door. Don’t tempt yourself with anything that will move your eye or ear or pull your thoughts away from what you are doing. Distraction kills productivity.

Set your clothes up for the next day

It’s a good idea to choose the clothes you’re going to wear the next day on the night before. Select the outfit you want to wear to work or college the next day. Lay it out near your bed. In this way, you won’t waste your time scrambling to find clothes in the morning.


Starting your morning with meditation or exercise is a great way to bring peace and balance to your body and life. In turn, it can help to improve concentration, reduce stress levels, improve your metabolism and digestion, and increase your overall feeling of relaxation.

Eat a proper breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast is one of the most productive ways to start your day. People who eat breakfast are less likely to be obese, they have more stable blood sugar levels, and they tend to be less hungry during the course of the day. A healthy breakfast gives you energy, improves your short-term memory, and helps you to concentrate intensively and for longer periods.

No screen time until breakfast

When you dive straight into emails, texts, Instagram, and Facebook, you lose focus and your morning succumbs to the wants and needs of other people. It is much healthier to take those precious moments of the day to do something for yourself that sets a calm and positive tone for your day.

Take Breaks

Focusing can drain a lot of energy and too much of it at once can quickly turn your productive day unproductive. To reduce mental fatigue while doing the tasks, try using the Pomodoro Technique. It requires working on a task for 25 minutes and then taking a short break before another session of 25 minutes. After four “Pomodoro sessions,” be sure to take a longer break to rest and reflect.

Close the day strong

After you finish the final task, review each task you have done. If you had to stop short on any of them, go back and continue the work so that you feel confident and complete with what you focused on today. If there’s remaining time in the day, pick one more priority task and follow the same steps above. Keep adding tasks until you are ready to be done for the day.

Read a book or listen to a podcast/music before you sleep

Be it nonfiction or fiction, pick up a book and see what a difference it makes in your mindset. If reading isn’t your thing, there are many great podcasts and music apps out there aimed at addressing just about every demographic, interest or taste. Listening to music before bed helps to have a better sleep.

By choosing fewer tasks for each day and focusing on them intently, you will find you are far more productive and successful with your work and life. You’ll feel more in control of your time, your priorities, and your state of mind. You will start being more productive day by day, and achieving your bigger goals become much more accessible.

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash