10 Myths About Covid

10 Myths About Covid
Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

It’s been more than a year since we are suffering from the devastation of covid-19. Among the worst-hit country, India is probably one of them. The GoI(Government of India) has tried nearly everything from lockdown to quarantine protocols, yet the spread of covid-19 is showing no sign of abatement. In this period of such an extreme spread, the government is constantly confiding everyone to stay home. #Stayhome #Staysafe are among the trending hashtags nowadays, which informs us about the importance of maintaining social distancing to avoid the spread of the virus. Also, using hand sanitisers and masks, staying 2 meters away from others and consulting doctors immediately if having any symptoms of Coronavirus infection, are some of the key points that are needed to take care of in this pandemic situation.

Beware of myths and fraudulent news

This pandemic has shown us the importance of being an introvert. The notion of living indoors, with your loved ones sounds like Bliss to people. But the fake news and messages revolving around social media is correspondingly increasing a havoc among citizens of the nation. Here’s a glimpse of some myths about the Coronavirus around the people:

Hot weather kills Corona Virus

No matter how hot the weather is, you can still get infected by covid-19. Exposing yourself to sunlight does not prevent you from the coronavirus. Many countries with hot temperatures have also reported increased cases of covid. No such studies have proven yet about the prevention of covid in hot weather. In fact, during the summer season, the spread of coronavirus has been at peak. To protect yourself from the spread, the only thing one can do is to ensure preventive measures as much as possible.

Holding your breath for more than 10 seconds gives you the green flag against Covid

Holding your breath for more than 10 seconds can test your lung capacity but not your status about being infected. Every person has a different lung capacity to hold their breath for a longer time. If you can’t hold your breath for more than 10 seconds, that doesn’t mean that you are infected by the virus. If you want to know whether you are infected or not, then you need go to the hospital and get yourself tested. Yes, SpO2 by using a pulse oxymeter might be a way but decreased oxygen concentration might be caused by variety of other reasons and not just by Covid.

Alcohol consumption can prevent Covid

Consuming alcohol will only increase your health problems. If you are consuming an excess of alcohol then you are harming yourself instead of protecting yourself. Spraying alcohol on yourself will harm your body and clothes. There is no such proof about the prevention of covid by consuming or spraying alcohol.

Face Mask completely safeguards you from coronavirus

Wearing face masks will protect you from the spread of covid only if you wear them in the right way. 75% of people do not wear a mask in the right way which does not protect you from the spread of covid-19. A lightweight disposable mask or cotton mask is not recommended to wear for the general public. These masks do not fit tightly and they may also allow the tiny infected virus to get into your nose. Masks like N95 are recommended which protects against covid-19. ‘To conceal yourself from the spread of covid-19 is to dwell at home and stay safe’.

Covid can spread more rapidly due to non-veg consumption

From the starting of March 21, people were in misconception about consumption of meat is causing a spread of covid among people. This is absolutely a myth. There isn’t any evidence of the presence of coronavirus in meat and one cannot get infected by eating meat, mutton, chicken or fish.

Vaccine can infect you with Covid

The vaccine protects you from covid and increases your immune system to fight the virus and definitely do not spread covid. A false belief among people is that vaccine may infect them. It’s not true. It can only spread if you are not taking precautionary measures while going to take vaccine. One must take all precautions while going to take the vaccine. Wearing a CPR mask and shield, using a sanitizer, maintaining adequate distance will help you to prevent yourself from covid.

After vaccination, one doesn’t need to wear a mask

There is no such proof that after vaccination we cannot be infected by covid. Against coronavirus, vaccines are a better protection but they do not promise of a total protection. So it is necessary to take precautions even after the vaccination. Even after getting the vaccine, we have to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. We might not know that who is vaccinated and who’s not while walking on the road. So it is vital to take all the precautions even after the vaccination.

Garlic cures infection of Corona Virus

Many spices are good for health and also contains antimicrobial properties but does not cure coronavirus totally. Garlic is an antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal agent which boosts the immune system but no study has yet proven the prevention or cure of coronavirus from garlic. You can use garlic as a precautionary measure against covid but not as a cure.

Every person affected by Corona Virus dies

There is no doubt that covid-19 is fatal but that doesn’t mean that everyone suffering from covid-19 dies. It’s a false belief. More than 95% people have made a comeback from this virus. Many have recovered and some have cured themselves at home only. People with mild symptoms can cure themselves being at home. There’s no need to spread the news of fatalities from covid around you. We just need to stay calm and fight this together by following all precautions and providing support and courage to those who are battling covid. It’s high time to stop the threat, and spread positivity as much possible.

Home remedies can cure Covid

Remedies prepared at home will only provide you relief temporarily or reduce the symptoms. Home remedies boost your immune system but do not cure covid. If you have any symptoms of covid then contact your doctor as as soon as possible and take prescription accordingly. Without being tested you cannot confirm that you are suffering from covid. So do not take any medication without consulting your doctor.

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Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay